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delfield 6000xl
delfield 6000xl
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delfield 6000xlهذا الوصف ل Manitowoc Delfield 6000XLChoosing the right refrigeration solution for your kitchen can be confusing and time consuming. Delfield has made the task easy with this interactive app that highlights all of the key features found with their 6000 series of refrigerators. Why an app? Because it’s the easiest and most comprehensive method of locating all of the information you need in one easy to use place. The app contains complete model information plus a ‘tap zone’ where you can see up close and personal the great features that have been built in to this leading Delfield line up. There’s also video content where a product specialist takes you through the unit to show you the additional features and attention to detail located within every Delfield 6000 series Foodservice Refrigerator.

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